Sealed Units

Here at Portcullis Home Improvements in Romsey we believe that condensation is caused by humid air coming in contact with a cold surface, such as glass. Just like a glass of ice water in warm room, condensation creates many small droplets of water, and becomes visible on the glass surface. This is completely normal, and will occur in every home at one time or another. Everything in your home that involves water will contribute to excess humidity, such as showers, mopping, watering plants, and heating/air conditioning units.

Here is how Portcullis Home Improvements can help:

  • Restore the beauty of your window
  • Don’t Replace……Repair and Restore
  • Restore your view- Get rid of the misting, steamed up foggy view from your windows
  • Restore the insulating ability of your windows
  • Extend the life of your windows
  • Protect your money and the environment
  • Repairing sealed units can cost 30%-50% less than replacing your sealed units
  • The one and only environmentally responsible solution for failed double glazed sealed units

Quality and built in security, backed by a Ten Year Insurance Backed guarantee means that windows from Portcullis Home Improvements in your home will give you peace of mind, year in, year out.

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