Composite door styles

Composite door styles

Composite door styles

We all have aesthetic aspirations that will help us achieve the home we want. As the front door is the face of a house, the decision you make about the way this looks is very important. It will no doubt play a significant role in the happiness you feel about your residence. We’re not saying that it needs to be as iconic as Number 10 Downing Street or 221b Baker Street. But an eye catching door can easily become a welcoming beacon for frequenting visitors. Our composite door designs can help make this a reality for you.

Aesthetic effect

Those of us extremely house proud want guests to be drawn to the front of the house. Making the door your focal point can do this. A great way to make sure that this is achieved is to contrast door colour  with its surroundings. Take into consideration elements such as trim, brick mortar, garden landscape and the roof. These can have a significant impact to your door design. Put simpler, consider how a dark door colour would contrast with a lighter front and vice versa, how a light door colour contrasts with a dark front. Our composite doors come in a variety of colours with stunning glass designs, giving you plenty of options to customize and match your property. No attention to detail is spared as we even colour co-ordinate hinges and handles.

Our composite doors come available in a range of stunning shades, including:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Rosewood
  • Golden Oak
  • Light Oak


Get ideas

Want to see how effects compare? Why not simply take a photo of the front of your home and print it out. Cut out the front door then lay colour in behind to see what works best. Or save yourself time by working with digital software (Adobe Photoshop), if you have the know how.

Here are a few more tips to think about…

  • Consider ¬†how style personifies your home – does colour create a sophisticated or genial entrance?
  • Think of your door colour as an accent. Bold is normally best to highlight attention.
  • Bold doesn’t need to disrupt harmony – make sure door colour and building front contrast.


Don’t compromise on quality

Another reason to sate your creative needs with a composite door is that they match design with durability. Think about the cost and effort it takes to ensure ageing wood stays intact. How frequently do these door types need painting? Composite doors combine strength with style, being virtually repair-free.

More benefits of a composite door


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